process orchestration

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February 24, 2015

SAP Process Orchestration combines the power of SAP Business Process Management, SAP Process Integration and SAP Business Rules Management into one integrated offering. The solution provides all components your organization needs to quickly automate and optimize business processes – from simple workflows to integrated processes that span applications, geographies, and organizational boundaries.


SAP customers can now leverage SAP Process Orchestration to get the most out of their SAP and non-SAP investments. SAP Process Orchestration enables customers to adapt, simplify, accelerate and integrate business processes, as well as introduce flexible business rules to drive agility.


Equipped with solid B2B capabilities your organization will secure and at the same time extend SAP investments beyond the SAP domain.


With SAP Process Orchestration you can save costs by fulfilling all your integration needs on one platform. It is the one platform that empowers both IT and Business professionals to model, implement, integrate, and monitor custom process applications and securely exchange information across distributed applications and with customers and partners.